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In the vicinity of the Grupa LOTOS refinery, there is the ‘Ptasi Raj’ nature reserve, a Natura 2000 site ‘Ostoja w Ujściu Wisły’ (PLH220044).

The refinery’s area is 235 hectares, while the nature reserve covers 1,015 hectares. The largest group of birds living in the reserve are various species of ducks (dabblers and divers), swans and greater white-fronted geese. The area is primarily a habitat for various species of seagulls, terns and wading birds, as well as cormorants, ducks, geese and swans. The Eurasian oystercatcher and plovers also nest in the reserve. Operating in the vicinity of such a valuable nature reserve entails great responsibility, and we are well aware of the importance of strict compliance with the adopted safety procedures and environmental impact mitigation standards.

The licence areas held by LOTOS Petrobaltic, a specialised E&P operator, are located outside the Baltic Protected Areas and thus do not affect the Baltic Sea’s biodiversity levels. One of the key tasks we face in our operations on the Baltic Sea is to deploy the best environmental solutions, with a view to fully preserving the region’s biodiversity. LOTOS Petrobaltic is seeking to fully implement the already initiated measures under the Baltic Sea Action Plan, including the ‘zero discharge’ requirement for offshore platforms.