Diversity management

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The LOTOS Group values diversity – it is an integral part of both our business activities as well as HR policy and employee promotion. We place particular focus on equal treatment irrespective of gender, age, disability, health, race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, religious denomination, irreligiousness, political beliefs, trade union membership, gender identity, family status, lifestyle etc.

The LOTOS Group’s diversity policy allows us to maximise employees’ potential, making the best use of their experience and skills.

At the LOTOS Group we appreciate experience that comes with age, which is why employees aged 50 or more provide support to new hires as part of induction processes (shadowing and mentoring meetings), such relationships bringing numerous advantages and benefits to both parties.

Our initiatives are also addressed to people with disabilities, including the following projects run under the LOTOS Group Employee Volunteering Programme:

  • ‘Despite Everything’ – is a project to upgrade the premises of the Occupational Therapy Workshop of the Polish Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities;
  • ‘Closer to Culture’ – consists in arranging theatre visits for individuals with disabilities;
  • ‘Double LOTOS of Good’ – consists in arranging workshops and musical concerts involving people with disabilities;
  • ‘Different Yet the Same’ – consists in arranging educational workshops in schools and an inclusion event for children with the Down syndrome.

No suspected discrimination reports were received by the Ethics Officer in 2019.

Composition of the Management Board by age and gender

Number of persons Percentage
Under 30 years 0 0%
30−50 years 1 25%
Over 50 years 3 75%
Total 4 100%
Women 1 25%
Men 3 75%
Total 4 100%

Source: the Company.