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Since 2015, the LOTOS Foundation has been in charge of the LOTOS Group’s charity policy. The Foundation’s mission encompasses a wide range of social activities that make a positive contribution to social and natural environment.

The LOTOS Foundation pursues social responsibility causes related e.g. to:

Fundacja LOTOS w 2019 r.

Proprietary indicator 4

ikonka fundacja baltyk


(especially preservation of biodiversity in the Baltic Sea)

ikonka fundacja kultura

support for culture and arts

including care for the oil and gas industry’s historical heritage

ikonka fundacja spolecznosc

various activities undertaken for the benefit of local communities

ikonka fundacja pomoc

care for health and safety

including awareness projects and active assistance provided to victims of accidents and disasters

In 2019, the LOTOS Foundation received almost 900 requests for donations. Following reviews, 125 projects received funding totalling PLN 8m (around 33% more than in the previous year).

The principal criterion taken into account in the selection of projects was their potential to ensure equal opportunities. The largest share went to sports projects aimed at supporting the physical development of children and youth, such as sports trips, as well as support for sports clubs.

  • Sports (45%)
  • Culture, art and national heritage (28%)
  • Social initiatives (12%)
  • Health protection and promotion(9%)
  • Science and education (6%)

The second largest pool of funds was donated to initiatives promoting culture, arts and national heritage. The remainder was spent on social initiatives, health protection and promotion, science and education.

Financial support for medical treatment of our current and retired employees and their relatives was particularly important to us.