Our approach to sustainable development

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Sustainable development is consistent with the LOTOS Group’s strategy and mitigating its environmental impact is the Group’s constant objective. Our organisation is committed to prudent environmental management.

We reduce the consumption of energy and materials, control and reduce gas emissions and wastewater discharge, minimise waste and protect biodiversity. Being aware that the LOTOS Group’s operations affect various components of the ecosystem, the organisation keeps monitoring and analysing its environmental impacts.

With each passing year LOTOS is more effective in controlling air pollutant emissions, and in the oil production segment it strives to generate less waste and wastewater, while minimising water pollution. Given its environmental aspect, energy management is equally important. The Group analyses energy consumption at each stage of the value chain and monitors the technical condition of equipment, identifying and eliminating any sources of energy losses. All these aspects are also considered when working on new investment projects.

The LOTOS Group takes care of its impact on local communities. We sealed some sections of our wastewater treatment plant in Gdańsk to reduce odour nuisance, developed a treated wastewater and steam condensate recirculation unit and a recovery system to convert released gases into fuel (instead of flaring them), none of which was required by any legal regulations. During the refinery upgrade, neighbouring towns and villages were connected to the gas distribution network.

In 2019, no fines or non-monetary sanctions were imposed on the LOTOS Group for non-compliance with any environmental laws or regulations.

List of procedures, regulations, rules, instructions and strategies put in place across the LOTOS Group to ensure sustainable environmental management:

  • IMS Policy
  • Waste management
  • Waste management plan
  • Noise management plan
  • Environmental monitoring plan
  • Environmental and energy objectives and targets
    • List of environmental and energy objectives
  • Identification of environmental aspects
    • Environmental aspects
  • Monitoring of processes and activities with environmental impacts
  • Environmental sampling and measurement procedures
  • Monitoring of carbon emissions from Grupa LOTOS S.A.’s refining units
  • Prevention of and preparation for emergencies and accidents at work
  • Emergency response
  • Investigation of emergencies
  • Emergency and hazard preparedness drills
  • Directive on the rules of communication regarding environmental performance of the LOTOS Group companies with the Environmental Protection Office of Grupa LOTOS S.A.
  • Environmental impact procedures – instructions for third-party contractors under the EFRA Project
  • Rules of waste management at Grupa LOTOS S.A. – information for third-party contractors