Corporate social responsibility values

Our responsibility towards society and the natural environment manifests itself in carrying out production activities in a manner preventing degradation of natural and social capitals.

As the LOTOS Group, we feel responsible for our products towards the state, the market, our partners, customers and employees.

We conduct our business in compliance with ethical principles, respecting standards in all areas of our operations. We have adopted a system of values which is founded on respect for the needs of society and the natural environment.

The four primary values underlying the LOTOS Group’s corporate social responsibility are:



We undertake to comply with the most exacting environmental standards, remain committed to ethical and fair competition, and counteract the abuse of human rights.



We are open to changes, the world’s needs and people’s expectations.



We take an innovative approach to solving social and environmental issues; by acting in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, we achieve business benefits and gain competitive advantage on the market.



The underlying principle of our attitude towards mankind and its future, the environment, the home country and its international status.