Relations with
social environment

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We consider corporate social responsibility as an element of our management and improvement processes. We build lasting and positive relations with our stakeholders, striving to effectively integrate our strategy and measures taken to face social and environmental challenges.

A uniform CSR policy is in place across the LOTOS Group, focusing on goals within the following three areas:

ikonka cel zdrowie

improving the quality of life
(health, road safety, education)

ikonka cel ekologia

caring for the environment
(ecology and environmental protection)

ikonka cel rozwoj

advancing innovation

We support social initiatives and projects. Our sponsorship activities focus on sports, culture and art, as well as social and environmental initiatives carried out primarily in the counties and provinces where our plants are located, and in places where our marketing activities are run, including service stations.

Projects implemented by LOTOS Group companies in 2019:

  • 24 sports sponsorship projects;
  • 32 cultural sponsorship projects;
  • 11 social and environmental sponsorship projects.

Guided by the sense of responsibility for its external impacts, Grupa LOTOS sets store by building strong relationships with society, its neighbours and local communities.

The Company engages in dialogue with its key stakeholders as an important tool for building stakeholder trust. By actively communicating with our social environment, we seek to mitigate threats associated with our day-to-day operations, while actively responding to the needs of our stakeholders. For instance, public consultation is held whenever an important project is to be launched at the refinery.

Particular attention is also given to projects promoting young people’s development. Equal opportunities and counteracting social exclusion, particularly among children and youth, have long been in the centre of our attention. We feel responsible for children and young people living near our plants, with the LOTOS Foundation playing the most prominent role in this respect.