Corporate Governance

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The LOTOS Group’s Corporate Governance is a set of ethical standards and best practices followed by the Group in its operations. These standards help ensure a balance between the interests of all parties involved in the operation of the Group companies. They build the Group’s value and strengthen its credibility in the eyes of shareholders, thus enhancing the Group’s competitiveness on the market.

Grupa LOTOS S.A. reports all breaches of corporate governance principles, both incidental and long-term ones. Such information is published similarly to current reports, in two languages, on the Company’s Investor Relations website.

The objectives of corporate governance at the LOTOS Group are as follows:

  • ensuring transparency of the LOTOS Group’s operations as a listed company;
  • increasing trust in relations with stakeholders;
  • increasing openness and accessibility for investors;
  • consistent shareholder value creation.

The LOTOS Group comprises a number of production, trading and service companies, as well as a foundation. Grupa LOTOS S.A. is both the parent of the Group and an integrator of the key management and support functions.

LOTOS Group structure as at December 31st 2019

Source: the Company.