HR policy

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Employees are the pillar of the LOTOS Group. It believes that highly qualified, motivated and committed employees are essential for the entire organisation, improving its efficiency and giving it a competitive advantage on the market. To attract the best candidates and retain existing staff, a HR policy has been formulated to govern various aspects of the recruitment and employee management processes.

Our new employees are included in the ‘Good start for beginners’ onboarding programme, helping them to learn about the Group’s values and organisational culture under the supervision of experienced colleagues. The purpose is to facilitate their entry into the new work environment and integration with the team, as well as to reduce stress involved in starting a new job.

The LOTOS Group employees are provided with a wide range of medical services, and care is taken to protect their health and ensure safe and ergonomic work conditions.

High standards are also vitally important at the recruitment stage – transparent rules allow us to attract the best candidates (Grupa LOTOS is a member of the Coalition for Friendly Recruitment).

Easy access to training and promotion opportunities, the possibility of reconciling professional duties with private and family life, as confirmed by the Top-Quality Human Resources Certificate issued by the Polish Human Resources Management Association (PSZK), as well as internal standards of protection against mobbing and discrimination increase loyalty towards the company, reduce employee turnover and minimise the risk of loss of valuable employees.