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Sustainalytics Rating

Sustainalytics rates the sustainability of listed companies based on their environmental, social and corporate governance performance. Its ESG Risk Rating analyses an organisation’s ESG risk exposure and the quality of how each risk is managed. The ESG risk profile of the LOTOS Group has been rated high (35.5 points on a scale of 1-100: the lower the score, the better). In the justification, Sustainalytics states that “the company is exposed to a high risk of material financial impacts due to ESG factors. The company has not experienced any major controversies in connection with its business.”


MSCI Rating

MSCI Ratings (including the ESG Rating) are calculated by Morgan Stanley, a US-based investment bank. Companies are rated on a scale from AAA to CCC according to their ESG risk exposure and how they manage this exposure compared with competitors. The LOTOS Group’s ESG rating from MSCI is Average (BBB) (as at March 2020). More details

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S&P Global ESG Score

S&P Global ESG Scores measure a company’s ESG aspects relevant to its financial performance. The methodology is based on the SAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment against ESG criteria. The S&P Global ESG Score for the LOTOS Group is 21.

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ESG Corporate Rating

ISS-oekom, the author of the ESG Corporate rating, conducts ESG surveys and ratings at country and company levels. In an analysis carried out by ISS-oekom in 2018, the LOTOS Group was rated C-.

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The WIG ESG Index covers companies included in WIG-20 and WIG-40 indices. The company weights in the index are based on their free float adjusted by reference to the ESG ranking and rating of compliance with the Code of Best Practice for WSE Listed Companies 2016. As at October 31st 2019, our ESG and Code of Best Practice ratings were 0.7 and 1.00, respectively. Link to the index portfolio (in Polish)

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FTSE4good Index

The FTSE4Good series of indices measures the performance of companies demonstrating good ESG practices. Starting from 2018, Grupa LOTOS shares have been included by FTSE Russel (a global rating agency) in FTSE4Good, the London Stock Exchange’s index of ethical investment stocks.